Core technologies and new ideas

The BioDevices Lab core technologies are the design and characterization of lactic acid biosensors and the production of inkjet flexible electrochemical biosensors. The Lab's collaboration network allow for the complete development of new biosensors also by the use of external facilities or the validation in the clinical, sport, and food sectors.

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AbLat project

Inkjet printed disposable biosensors for rapid antibiotics detection and quantification in milk


SirCoFag project

Electrochemical biosensor for rapid screening of bacteriophage viruses in cheese producing plants


LactiSport project

Wearable biosensors for lactate quantification in sweat during physical exercise


Myo-Screen project

Portable biosensor for the screening of illicit anabolic treatments in cattle breeding


UV-CV project

3D printed system for the simultaneous monitoring of metabolites by UV-Vis spectroscopy and amperometry


TomoEIS project

Electrodes for the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy-based tomography of the body