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We research and develope new biosensing technologies
In the Biodevices lab we study and investigate electrochemical and optical biosensing techniques for the detection of biological molecules such as proteins, metabolites, antibodies and DNA. We also develope and optimize the present biosensors production methods, pointing towards the low cost disposable sensors production.
2016 Biosensors Conference
The Lab participates to the 2016 International Biosensors Conference in Goteburg, Sweden
PNI 2016
The Biodevices Lab participates to the National Innovation Prize 2016 in the cleantech & Energy field
Ink-jet sensor printing by standard printers and conductive inks Join the PhD program in our Lab!
Ink-jet sensor printing
We are developing a  system for flexible in-jet printed sensors production
  We are collaborating with the AgIC Inc. Japnese company for the formulation of Silver conductive ink to print electrodes for electrochemical sensing and biosensing applications. We offer PhD programs for students with an engineering background but also to biotechnological, chemical and phamacological master degree students.

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PhD projects available
We are looking for people interested in biosensors to attend the PhD program in our Lab.
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